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December 7, 2019
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KFS celebrates guild’s slava St. Efrosin [25.9.2018.]

Culinary Federation of Serbia was on Monday, 24th September of 2018, in Arum DEČ d.o.o company's headquarters in Zemun and has, for the first time, celebrated the orthodox slava of the Episcopal cook father Efrosin. All present guests and sponsors were welcomed by Mr. Jovan Vukelić, Chairman of the Board of the Culinary Federation of Serbia and PhD Dragan Tešanović, professor at the University of Novi Sad. Main contribution to the ceremonial aspect of the event was provided  by AirSerbia's chef and honorary member of the Culinary Federation of Serbia Zoran Mišković, while Mirjana Gagić from the company Arum took care of the refreshment. Events importance was enlarged by presence of  Dušan Štulić, Dobrila Šaula, Arum company staff, as well as representatives from companies "Urbani farmeri", Winterhalter, IceBerg and other.