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December 7, 2019
KFS members at festival of tourism in Sarajevo ​[27.10.2018.]​
December 8, 2019

PMF & MPK students at International culinary competition in Macedonia [12.10.2018.]

Students from the Faculty of Science, Chair of Gastronomy from Novi Sad and the College of Vocational Studies for Management and Business Communications from Sremski Karlovci participated at the 3rd International GastroMak 2018 Gastronomic Festival in Strumica, Macedonia.
Together they successfully presented the Culinary Federation of Serbia.
Culinary competition, which lasted from 8 to 11 October 2018, involved teams from over 15 countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Mongolia, Ukraine, Russia , Azerbaijan etc. From students of gastronomy from PMF under the mentorship of PhD Bojana Kalenjuk and Goran Radivojević MSc, there were two competitors:

  • Sladjana Todorović, winner of bronze medal in category pasta dish and gold medal in category restaurant dessert.
  • Dušan Grujić, winner of bronze medal in category pasta dish and silver medal in chicken dish category.

There were two MPK students as well, from the study program Management in Catering under the mentorship of PhD Nikola Vukanović. The competitors names are:

  • Sanja Starčević, winner of 2 silver medals (categories pasta dish and restaurant dessert)
  • Ana Volaš, winner of 2 bronze medals (categories pasta dish and chicken dish)

At the competition, the role of Marshal judges had PhD Bojana Kalenjuk and PhD Nikola Vuksanović.
In the competition, the students were judged by a team of judges headed by Iztok Legat (Slovenia), and other eminent judges like Giorgo Diana (Michelin star chef, Italy), Domeniko Maggi (Italy), Stevo Karapandža (Croatia), Alan Pajet (Mauritius ), Robin Villarreal (Mexico), Vuko Mitrović (Montenegro), Emra Koksal, Sefer Yapici (Turkey) and many others.